laughing baby

Happiest child alive, this clip sums Si's personality up perfectly.
Does is get any better than a laughing baby? I think no.


snow play

We get more snow here than we did in Idaho. And we get it earlier too.
I have mixed feelings about the snow. I love it. It's pretty.
But with AJ's new job, it's not so great for him.

We haven't had a ton yet, but what we do have is more than enough to play in.

The girls decided it'd be fun to give themselves a whitewash. Crazy if you ask me.
I prefer my face to be warm.

And then they decided to try to make Olaf.
Which is just another word for a snowman. From this day forward, every snowman shall be known as Olaf, and shall have twigs sticking out of his head.

Unless said snowman is wearing a hat.