hello Montana

Hey there, I bet you forgot all about me.
So much has happened this summer and we find ourselves in a new place.
For those of you who aren't aware, we've left our lovely Idaho panhandle for small town Montana. When you think small town, I want you to think real small. Like blink and you'll miss it small.
I've actually almost done that. Admiring the sunset one evening whilst driving, I very nearly drove right past my quiet little town. There is, however, an espresso stand and ice cream shop.
So I'm pretty much set.

Also. Beautiful.
The panhandle is beautiful, but there are people everywhere. Nothing against people, people, but I'm not one who thrives on hustle and bustle. We don't hustle and bustle here.
When I get on the freeway, I almost never have to merge with traffic.
When I go to the grocery market, I'm almost always first in line. And at the post office. Well, and everywhere.
We have campgrounds in as close of proximity as the Super 8 motel.
Out of town is a stone's throw away.

I realize this isn't for everyone, and that's fine. It's for me.

Obviously, "Sweet Home in Idaho" is going to have to change names, and I'll remedy that as quickly as possible. I think we're ready for a facelift anyway. All my stuff is 'home in Idaho" because I honestly thought never in a thousand years would we leave there. Most of our family is there, and we loved it.
But God.
That phrase pretty much is all encompassing, and someday soon I'll share the story about how we found ourselves here.

I have a lot of family journaling to catch up on too, so I'll probably do a bunch at once. The baby is changing so much, growing into a toddler. Sadness.
Anyway, so when I shoot off a bunch of posts you know.

Later, ya'll.



printable: homeschool graduation certificate

I was looking for a certificate to give the kids when they finish school this year - something to make them feel special and hang on their cork boards.
I wasn't happy with the ones I found online, so I made my own and thought I'd share it with you.

Right click and save image as.