ninja cowboy

This picture embodies the fun that is having little boys running around underfoot.



All the kids had dentist appointments yesterday.
We were late because the dog ran away right before we left the house. Seriously, said dog is a glutton for punishment because she's making a habit out of this running away thing. She got fleas from one of her trashy friends she likes to hang out with in town, and has been exiled to the patio for now because she's on my list.

Anyway. So they all had oreo milkshakes for lunch and now they love the dentist for it.

Charlotte had two baby teethed pulled because she's got an extra permanent tooth above them that needs to come down and get pulled also so that it doesn't mess up the rest of her permanents. Once we got past the needles she did very well and the process was pretty interesting to watch. I'll spare you the details though because not everyone shares in my curiosity.

We keep telling Char to smile because, well, she looks ridiculously cute without her front teeth. I mean, see for yourself.

Now combine that cute face with a lisp. It's stinking adorable.